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Lullaby Film Festival

Announcement on Lullaby

The people have spoken!  We’re going to festival!

If you haven’t done so already, check out our Facebook page and see the photos from our premiere.  It was held at the Huntington Beach Library with about 35 people in attendance.  Everyone had a great time.  I’ll admit it was pretty cool seeing our film on the big screen.

Many in attendance whole-heartedly recommended that we shop the film around to a few festivals.  Originally that was not our intent.  We just wanted to make a movie and put it out there.  However it’s hard to argue with the logic of “Why not?”

You can go broke, submitting your films to festivals.  So we are targeting only horror festivals and those that are local.  Fortunately two of the top 13 horror film festivals are located in Los Angeles.  Our timing seems perfect because they are currently accepting submissions for September and October release time frames.

So this is going to delay the world-wide release of Lullaby.  Festivals don’t like it when films are released online.  Personally if I watched a good enough film on my computer, iPhone or TV then I’d pay money to watch it on the silver screen.  However they feel differently and they make the rules.

But as with all things: consider the best and the worst that could happen.

The best: we get accepted!

The worst: we get denied and release the film online.