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Post Production Update: Editing

We have just completed the final edits to Lullaby the Film.

Our editor of choice is FCPX.  As many others have pointed out, this is purely a choice and not any kind of slam against other NLE’s that are out there.

For the propeller heads out there:

  • Video was shot in Full HD (1920 by 1080)
  • For most shots, we had two Canon’s rolling with sound capture.  This helped to capture the Master Shot, OTS and ECU if required.
  • Most number of takes per shot: 3
  • For any given scene, we had six shots and 3 audio tracks to choose from.


  • 15″ MacBook Pro (2012)
  • Thunderbolt External Drive
  • ViewSonic Full HD Monitor

FCPX has an excellent Multicam editor built right into it’s software.  The analysis engine behind this allows you to align multiple takes with different cameras and align them into a single clip.

This allows us to complete a rough cut of a 6 minute short in under an hour.  From there, it was deciding on which angle would be better.  With technology today, you spend more time being creative and less time haggling with technology.

The next step, as mentioned previously, is to move into sound editing.